Garbry Big Woods Reserve

Garbry Big Woods has over 170 acres with 2.2 miles of trail.  It’s a wonderful place for group outings, fishing and hiking.  A special feature of this park is its educational arboretum.  For more information check out our tabs below! Click on the link to view the brochure map of Garbry Big Woods Reserve.


Garbry Big Woods Reserve

6660 Casstown-Sidney Road

Piqua, Ohio 45356

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  • Garbry Big Woods Reserve is a great place for group outings, fishing and hiking.  The Reserve provides three picnic shelters, which can be reserved by calling the Park District office.  There are mowed areas around the shelters that can be used for games, picnicking and lounging.  Restroom facilities are nearby.  An educational arboretum is located on south of the picnic shelters. This arboretum contains a variety of native Ohio trees and gives the public a chance to learn about native trees by leaf, bud or bark.  There is also a stocked fishing pond that requires no fishing license. Don’t forget to explore the 2.2 miles of hiking trail.  

    In keeping with the Park District’s mission of environmental protection, the restroom facility is one of the first of its kind in the state of Ohio that utilizes wetland as its sanitary filtration system. Wetlands are known for their filtering and purification ability.  The Ohio EPA, as well as other groups in the state are interested in this wetland application for sanitation use. To broaden your experience and to help protect this unique natural site, please use the pathways provided and please obey the rules of the Reserve.  


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