Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area

Greenville Falls has 92 acres and nearly 1 mile of trail.  It’s a wonderful place to take a stroll, admire historical features and view wildlife.  This park is full of unique features. To find out more click on the tabs below! Click on the link to view the brochure map for Greenville Falls. 


Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area

9140 Covington-Gettysburg Road & 

4720 Rangeline Road

Covington, Ohio 45318

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  • Situated along Greenville Creek, Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area is full of unique natural features.  The 20 foot cascading waterfall is a beautiful sight in any season.  Also along the river is a natural limestone arch formed by flowing water.

    A system of trails allows visitors to stroll along the river, through a prairie and past many historical remnants from the old electric mill that once stood on the property.  Interpretive signs along the trail help tell the rich history.  This unique park is the perfect place for learning about history, hiking, fishing and viewing wildlife.


    Greenville Falls was purchased from DP&L, which was made possible through an ODNR – Nature Works Grant.  Before DP&L obtained this property, R.M. Albery & sons ran one of the first electrical companies in the area on this land. 

    In 1897, R.M. Albery purchased the “Falls Electric Company” at Greenville Falls.  A new and larger water wheel, alternator, switchboard equipment, raceway and dam were installed.  With these improvements, service improved and so did farming.  Electric lines were now extended to farmers at the edge of town.  They were able to pump their water and grind their feed by motors instead of by hand.  The remains of the wooden dam that stretched across the creek to form the power source can still be viewed today.  In addition, the Albery Mill, the turbine towers, sluice gates and run, and other remains of historical significance can all still be admired at this site. 



    •Viewing historical remnants 



    •Viewing wildlife